Segurako Udala. Turismo saila

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  • Old quarter

    Segura was built following a strategic defense plan. A walled and almond or triangular-shaped village. 

    The wall contained five gates, to control the entrances and the exits in the village. Castile gate, the lower gate, Navarre gate, the little gate and Zerain gate. The three latter ones are still among us.

    Inside the walls there was land to build houses. At the beginning, all the houses had the same size as a sign of equality. Each house measured 8 meters in width and its depth was according to the morphology of the land.

    As the years passed and for several reasons (social, demographic, fires, pressure...) that equality in the distribution of the land changed. The more wealthy and affluent built palaces.
    Therefore, in the streets of Segura visitors can see, how the space is shared by house-workshops and palaces.